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Cooking With Kids is enjoyable and brings families together!

4 kids cooking

More and more people are welcoming kids into their kitchens…not for eating, but for Cooking! I believe its never too early to get kids involved in the kitchen. At a very young age children can learn to stir things in a bowl, learn basic knife skills (using a plastic knife of course) and learn about safety and cleanliness. As kids grow older, they can start to incorporate other skills like using a sharper knife, prepping foods, basic usage of the stove and how to read and follow recipes.  Once they get to this point, their confidence is really high in the kitchen. They will start to learn more about ingredients and how they work together. They may even be brave enough to create dishes without recipes and using their own knowledge and experience to make a culinary masterpiece. There are so many reasons why getting kids into the kitchen is so important:

At some point they all will need to be in the kitchen to cook and clean. Learning HOW to cook is important – and FUN!

Cooking builds confidence. This is such a vital skill for our young ones!

Safety – This is critical for anyone in the kitchen. Not only how to handle foods, but how to be safe around the burners and oven.

FUN  – Kids enjoy cooking and it will bring joy and smiles to them every time.

Unity – if you want to bring a family or young friends together, this is a most wonderful way to do so. Each member can have a job in the cooking process and work together to create a meal! And don’t forget to EAT TOGETHER!

We have our kids in the kitchen on a daily basis – we even do cooking competitions. We laugh, smile, concentrate, create and most importantly ENJOY the art of cooking. So get your kids into your kitchen!