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Cooking and Eating Healthy

As many of you know, I am a firm believer in using the freshest and healthiest ingredients in my cooking. It’s not always possible, but I do my best.

Last night I had the honor of teaching an Asian Fusion class at Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor (through the Ann Arbor parks and rec dept.). For those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to have a Whole Foods in your market, or aren’t familiar with it, it is a state of the art, full service natural foods grocery store. They have everything from an in-house bakery, deli, smokehouse, sushi and noodle bar, certified organic produce & hormone and antibiotic free meats…and much, much more!

Going to Whole Foods is not just a shopping trip, it is an experience. Thank goodness for stores like this that offer us the opportunity to easily access so many healthy ingredients and products! I have provided you with some links below to their website, and my teaching info for future classes through AAReced. Have a healthy cooking weekend!



Returning to Fox News on May 13th!

fox news pic of tom for web

Excited to be doing another cooking demo for Fox News! Please tune in on 5/13 during the 10am hour to see some tasty vegetarian dishes for their Meatless Mondays segment.

Who Says you can’t Grow a Garden?

Chinese garden pic for web

You don’t have to have the perfect plot to grow a garden! If they can create one in the city, on the top of a building with cinder blocks…..so can YOU! Last year we tested our (small) garden. We have a lot of deer and critters around our house, so we weren’t sure how it would do. With our make shift raised bed, stakes and chicken wire, we were able to create a simple, but successful garden. This is why we feel confident about expanding our garden this season. I have been saving my egg cartons to start growing my seeds indoors (which we will be doing this weekend). Now is the perfect time. I am hearing that a good time to plant (or transplant seedlings)  outdoors is Mid-May. Our new garden should be ready by then.  Can’t wait to share the progress with you. Good Luck with your own gardens!

Local Community Share Garden

We spoke recently with the people at this great local community share garden. Our family (including the kids) will be volunteering here this season. This year they are expanding to 4000 sq ft. Part of the garden is plots that locals can rent to grow their garden. The rest is the volunteer gardens, where they cultivate the crops and donate the produce to those in need. I will document some of our time there and look forward to making a difference in our community! Please check out their website and support this great organization!

Working on New Videos

It’s been a busy week! I shot 16 new cooking videos this week. Some are already edited and up on my Youtube (www.youtuebe.com/fortunecooking). The rest will be up this week. With the change of seasons, comes a change of ingredients in season. I will continue to try to work with the freshest ingredients and show you many ways to utilize those foods that are in season!

Raised Vegetable Garden

Had the handymen out today to measure and prep to make my new raised bed vegetable garden. I am so excited to get growing! So far I’m thinking herbs, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, green beans, snap peas and cucumbers. I will be sure to document my progress and utilize in some summer recipes and videos!

Have a good weekend,
Chef Tom