Do you know about Brunei??

I was born in Taiwan. I have lived in many places since – Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and the U.S. Although I have great memories of them all, Brunei sticks out in my head. I lived there from age 2 until 10. I remember cooking with all of my family members – from littlest to big, we all had a part to play. I am sure that living there influenced my desire, passion and interest in cooking. What was so special about Brunei, was the different influences on the cuisine. There was Indian, Malay, Chinese and French. The ingredients that stick out in my mind were the bountys of fresh seafood, curry, chiles (spicy), lime and cooking with a lot of fresh fruit…..especially rambutan. I am including a link if you want to learn more about Brunei. I hope to get back there some day soon!

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