Introducing a new or unfamiliar ingredient

daikon pic for web

One of my goals is to introduce you to some ingredients  that you may not be familiar with. There are so many tasty “Asian” foods that are much more easily accessible at the local grocery store. Here is one I use frequently….the DAIKON.

Daikon, mooli, or white radish is a mild-flavored, very large, white East Asian Radish with a wide variety of culinary uses. Despite often being associated in Japan, it was originally cultivated  in continental Asia.

Uses: In Japanese cuisine, many types of pickles are made with daikon, and is also frequently used grated and mixed into ponzu, a soy sauce and citrus juice condiment. Simmered dishes are also popular such as oden. Daikon radish sprouts are used for salads or garnishing sashimi and the leaves are frequently eaten as a green vegetable. Pickling and stir frying are also common, as well as in soups and to carve elaborate garnishes.

I use this ingredient quite a bit. You will see it in many of my Youtube videos. Try it!

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