Who Says you can’t Grow a Garden?

Chinese garden pic for web

You don’t have to have the perfect plot to grow a garden! If they can create one in the city, on the top of a building with cinder blocks…..so can YOU! Last year we tested our (small) garden. We have a lot of deer and critters around our house, so we weren’t sure how it would do. With our make shift raised bed, stakes and chicken wire, we were able to create a simple, but successful garden. This is why we feel confident about expanding our garden this season. I have been saving my egg cartons to start growing my seeds indoors (which we will be doing this weekend). Now is the perfect time. I am hearing that a good time to plant (or transplant seedlings)  outdoors is Mid-May. Our new garden should be ready by then.  Can’t wait to share the progress with you. Good Luck with your own gardens!

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